About our products

At Taihen we want to offer our clients the greatest variety and quality of hentai books on the entire internet. Below you can find out everything you need to know about our products.

Our providers

In Taihen we receive all our products directly from Japan from our local suppliers who look for the best prices and the best variety in hentai books in local stores so that we can offer our clients the best prices that you can get in Europe in doujinshi hentai, hentai manga and hentai magazines.

Some of the products that our suppliers offer us are second-hand, but in a completely perfect condition, even so we ask our customers to take a good look at the condition and the description of the condition together with the images that we offer them before buying. If the customer is very concerned about the condition of a second-hand product, we recommend that as a precaution, do not buy it.

Types products


Works of small authors or circles of hentai mangakas who publish their works in conventions such as the Comiket of Japan. These works stand out for being small publications of A4 size (29x21 cm) and approximately 20 to 26 pages. There are as many styles of drawing as there are artists and buying their works is a great support for their work. The themes are very varied, the covers are impressive illustrations and its content is the most original, in short, small collection treasures.


Works by established hentai authors who publish their works in major publishers. These works stand out for being large publications of A5 size (21x8 cm) and approximately 200 to 250 pages. Normally we can find works by a single author that tells a single linear story and, on the other hand, there are also anthologies that bring together works by various artists, generally works on the same theme. A great option in relation to content-price.


Hentai magazines are usually consolidated monthly publications that run large publishers. These works stand out for being large publications of A4 size (29x21 cm) and more than 500 pages approximately. These are usually anthologies by many authors who tell different stories. The variety of stories in each of these magazines is enormous, although on many occasions each magazine chooses to follow a specific hentai theme line. The best option in terms of content.

Other products

In addition to books, our flagship product, we want to offer our clients other hentai products, such as hentai anime, hentai dakimakuras, hentai video games, AV DVDs, hentai posters, eroges, and much more!